Have You the Courage and The Faith
to Accept a Mission???

Casa Bethesda, Orphange for Children With
Disabilites and Special Needs

  • Located in Piedras Negras, Mexico

  • Founded in 1999 by Pastor Paulino Esquivel and his devoted wife, Gilberta.

  • Joined Forces in 2000 with Sister Andrena Mulligan, a Catholic nun from Ireland and the Marist Sisters Congregation.

  • An orphanage and permanent home to 15-19 individuals of both genders, including some adults. A home where indigent or abandoned persons with disabilities are cared for with love and respect! Diagnoses include: cerebral palsy, autism, meningitis, Down’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and other life  changing disabilities.

  • A clinic containing two private treatment rooms, a waiting room, a doctor’s exam room, a rehabilitiation gym, a pediatreic gym, a small laboratory, and a pharmacy.

  • The on grounds school has two classrooms with two bathrooms and an office to provide education of the orphans with special needs and is also used for speech and language consultations.

  • Self-contained concept allows for easy access to medical, educational, and future skills training facilities.

  • Equipment, funding, transportation, supplies, and volunteers of all denominations  are continually needed for the present and future support of Casa Bethesda.

The Catholic Bishops of Northern Alaska have a saying, “Some give by going and some go by giving”. Please consider going and giving!!!

Pastor Paulino, His Wife Gilberta and Sister Andrena

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